Preparing for Colorado Portable QRP

In two weeks my wife and I will be travelling to Colorado. We’ll be spending most of our time in Steamboat Springs, but before we arrive there we will be visiting Black Canyon of the Gunnison River National Park


I am preparing my portable QRP kit and I plan to activate in the national park during our visit. Looking at the map of the part for the best high point to set up, I think I’m going to try this location:


The road ends on the blue marker, and it’s another 1000 feet to the red marker. The red marker is close to 8800′ up, so I should get some good signal out from there. I have no idea who I’ll make contact with at 10W, but I’ll find out.

I’ll be posting with some of the gear I’m taking with me in the next two weeks as well as the dates and potential times of the operating.

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