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Ground radial patterns for vertical antennas

I don’t have a small lot, for a suburban home. It is about an acre. However, my house sits almost directly in the center which makes placement of antennas slightly challenging. I have a very enjoyable 50ft tower about 20ft

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WN8U Logger Released

I finally, finally got the latest revision of the WN8U Logger released. This has been a long time coming. A lot of the code complexity has been cleaned up and I now have excellent support for the Winkey, KX3 CW/PSK/RTTY

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First NPOTA Activation

This past weekend I did my first NPOTA activation. I was at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Chillicothe, Ohio. I had texted my friend Denny (KC8RPV) to find me a nice quiet frequency on 40m while I got

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Field Day and Field Day Planning

Something to consider as we all gear up for Field Day tomorrow. Some clubs (like mine) have done extensive planning. Well, plans are good but don’t forget these snippets of wisdom as you deploy to the field. “No Battle Plan

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Antenna Gain: dBi vs dBd

I’m just going to post this once, and then point anyone here that needs a ‘refesher’. I see too many incidents where people quote gain in an antenna and really don’t know what they’re saying.   Antenna gain is measured

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Tower Project Part 1

When I first started dreaming about having a beam antenna, I originally envisioned installing it on top of a 43ft telescoping mast. However, as I run all my outside radio-related changes by the Approver of All Things That Require Approving,

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Push-To-Talk Foot Switch Adapter for KX3

Recently, I picked up an inexpensive BM-800 condenser microphone for my KX3. It works beautifully. However… I don’t like running in VOX. I get too many interruptions. So I need a PTT solution other than using the PTT button on

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Shengyue BM-800 Condenser Microphone

Ever since I had my FT-950, I’ve been wanting a nice station mic setup. Well, late last year I switched from the FT-950 to my KX3/KXPA100 and it took me a couple of months to figure out that the range of

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Review: PAE-Kx31 heat sink for the KX3 from WA4PSC

The KX3 is amazing QRP radio, probably the best in it’s class. One of the more remarkable features is it’s built in PSK/RTTY mode. Recently, the fact that when running 5-10 watts for prolonged transmit times causes the KX3 to

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Comments on the KX3 Extended VFO Temperature Compensation Procedure

So I am the very pleased owner of KX3 #3899, purchased used from an absolute gentleman of a ham (WB4OQX). I only just recently acquired the KXPA100 amplifier for the KX3 and sold off my FT-950, IF-2000, LP-PAN2, and LDF

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