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Portable 13.2V 4200mAh LiFePO4 battery

It’s only recently that I have been hearing about Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. I read about it first on a post made on the Worldwide Radio Forum. Then, a few well known portable QRPers posted about it so I gave

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Powerwerx DC Inline Watt Meter for… half price!

I’m in the market for a watt meter and power analyzer to take portable with me for my KX3. Since I plan on operating primarily from an LiFePO4 battery pack, I’d like to be able to monitor the voltage, amperage

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KX3: Battery Low warning when using NiMH

A small tidbit I gleaned from the KX3 Yahoo group that I don’t want to lose: Using NiMH batteries, you might see a  ‘battery low’ message when powered up, even if you know your batteries are good. The battery low

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Thirteen Colonies Clean Sweep!

I’m rather tickled about this. I had this waiting for me in the mail yesterday… the 13 Colonies award. They recognized my clean sweep and also the bonus Pennsylvania station. I’m also going to be sending out for the individual

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The KX3 experience

So my XYL loves me, I mean really loves me. She ‘approved’ my purchase of an Elecraft KX3. Not only that, but I found a used one on eHam for about 3/4 of what the kit price would have been.

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Elecraft KX3 Portable Operating Tips

This was shamelessly ripped from the KX3 reflector, originally posted by N6KR and saved here for future reference: Battery Operation:  To conserve battery power, use 5.0 watts or less when running from a 12-V source, and 3.0 watts or less

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