The KX3 experience

So my XYL loves me, I mean really loves me. She ‘approved’ my purchase of an Elecraft KX3. Not only that, but I found a used one on eHam for about 3/4 of what the kit price would have been. The seller was a true gentleman and it was a smooth transaction all the way. The assembled KX3 came with the digital cable kit, the roofing filters, and the hand microphone. Yes, with the KX3 the hand microphone is an option.

I ordered the internal ATU from Elecraft an it came quickly. It installed inside the KX3 like a dream. There didn’t seem to be space inside but apparently there was. It is an 8 inductor / 8 capacitor transmatch. Simply amazing.KX3_ATU

So now with my new KX3 I popped in eight of the Sanyo Eneloop batteries and tuned to the CW region of 20m. It only took but a moment and the KX3 was decoding CW.

This is going to go into my portable go-bag. I’ve already got an LNR end-fed 10/20/40 trail-ready wire antenna, but I want more. Somehow, I just know I’m going to need a backup to that antenna in case it doesn’t work. Until then, this is simply the most awesome radio I’ve ever seen in my life and I can’t wait to play with it. The XYL and I are planning a trip to Colorado in the fall, and we’ll be up around 7000 feet with 9000 foot peaks around us.

If I can’t hear Japan from up there, I’ll be disappointed. If you work Summits On The Air, I’ll have that info posted here before I go.


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