Tower Project Part 1

When I first started dreaming about having a beam antenna, I originally envisioned installing it on top of a 43ft telescoping mast. However, as I run all my outside radio-related changes by the Approver of All Things That Require Approving, that was shot down due to the lack of excitement about the required guy ropes. As a compromise (and an improvement), I won approval for a Rohn 25G tower up against the side of the house, bracketed to the house.

Well, over time that appeared to be less exciting (due to the proximity to the house) and to achieve the desired height I shared that I might need a few guy wires from the very top. That didn’t go so well. We re-entered negotiations. In the end, I won permission to install a 40-50ft Rohn 45G free-standing tower. No guy wires. Lots, and lots of concrete. Still, it’s far more than I hoped for originally.

Rohn 45G is significantly more expensive than Rohn 25G tower. While a ten foot section of Rohn 25 runs about $110, a ten foot section of Rohn 45G is almost $280. These are prices from R&L Electronics in Hamilton, OH. The store is less than an hour from my home.

I ended up purchasing a single ten foot section and a five foot section to go into the concrete base. The top six inches will protrude and have the connection point for all the top sections. I was intending to prepare the foundation and install ten feet on top to assist with leveling the tower. That was all I could afford, or so I thought.

Rohn 45G WaitingI received an email forwarded from a friend who knew I was in the market for tower parts. A gentleman up north of me was moving from his QTH and selling his towers. He had a number of sections of Rohn 45G to sell. I reached out and after about a week he accepted my offer. I acquired forty feet of Rohn 45G for about half of what it would cost me at the store. What a deal! When I inspected the sections at pick-up time, I was thrilled that the sections looked like new. They had only been in the air for about seven or eight years.

So here they sit, waiting for the contractor to come by to dig the hole and pour the concrete (in addition to the re-bar cage and pluming). Excellent!

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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