WN8U Logger Released

I finally, finally got the latest revision of the WN8U Logger released. This has been a long time coming. A lot of the code complexity has been cleaned up and I now have excellent support for the Winkey, KX3 CW/PSK/RTTY internal keyers, and even the KX3 digital voice recorder. The K3 should work on the KX3 settings, though I will add explicit support for the K3 soon. The Kenwood TS-590 is high on my list as well for CW and digital voice.

Right now the only contest module I have available is the Ohio State Parks On the Air 2016. That’s because it’s coming up in three weeks. I may release the Ohio QSO Party 2016 module in the next week. Maybe.

The biggest improvement is that the rest of the contest modules will be much easier to write and maintain going forward. Look for more updates soon!

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